Women Dairy Cooperative Leadership Development Program

Rural women’s more energy and time are spent in the task related to dairy husbandry & milk production .Women’s are actual users of the dairy co-operatives. They should be encouraged to become members and share the responsibilities of managing the dairy cooperative .Keeping in mind inherent potential of the rural women in the creation of vibrant & successful dairy cooperatives, with the guidance of National Dairy Development Board, Kolhapur Milk Union formulated suitable programme to promote women’s involvement & their participation through Dairy Cooperative.

Objectives of Women Dairy Cooperative Leadership Development Program

  • To enhance women’s participation in dairy cooperatives
  • To train women for affordable milk business.
  • Total upliftment of women through dairy cooperative.(Health, Hygiene, Sanitation)
  • To bring women in decision making.
  • To bring women in income generating activity through Self Help

Group Activity :

Our Union implementing following activities for fulfillment of objectives ,

  • Training / Education programme
  • Competition
  • Competition
  • Melava
  • Show
  • Seminar
  • Excursion Tours/ Visit to ideal model
  • Regional Meeting
  • Interaction

Staff Involved /Stake Holder :

Our following staff & stakeholders are involved in the activity,

  • Lady Instructors
  • Extension Supervisor
  • Milk Procurement Officers
  • Veterinary Officers
  • Managers
  • Higher Authorities (Unions Board Of Director, Managing Director)

Coverage : (during year 2022-2023)

Sr. no. Title Details
1 Programme started since 1995
2 Programme implemented in No. Villages 206
3 No. of DCS covered 334
4 Programme organized 1503
5 Participants 30,325

Self Help Group :

In 1995 Kolhapur Milk Union started implementing Women Dairy Cooperative Leadership Development Programme for rural women. Programme focusing on issues related with Women Empowerment.

Self Help Group is one of important activity towards the rural women’s Empowerment. It played important role in stages of Empowerment. It is an opportunity for women to come together and interact among themselves. In their SHG they come together in a month or every fortnight & subscribe their Thrift, deposit in bank, get & repay loans for their small needs as well as for small income generating activity.

Social Awareness:

Actively able to settle domestic problem faced by women.

Anti Liquor.

Helping hand for the flood affected people by donating food, clothes.

Working as Resource Persons at villages.

Progress at a Glance:

Sr. no. Title Details
1 Union started Self Help Group activity since 1995
2 No. of Self Help Group formed 3122
3 No. of women members of self Help group 45,500
4 Amount of total thrift collected Rs.10 crore