The rated milk handling capacity of the Gokul Dairy is 17 Lakh Liters per day and that of 4 chilling centers and satelite dairy udgaon is 8 lakh liters per day. Dudh Sangh covers 7,509 village level dairy co-operatives on 493 milk routes for milk procurement every day.

During the year 2022-2023, the average milk procurement is 12.99 Lakh Liters per day. The ratio of Buffalo Milk to Cow Milk procurement is 53:47% respectively. The average Fat and SNF of Buffalo milk is FAT 7.1% SNF 9.5% and that of Cow milk is FAT 4.1% SNF 8.6%

Average milk purchase price for Buffalo milk is Rs.55.06 and for Cow milk is Rs. 37.26

Various Prizes and scheme for DCS and Milk Producer are given in order to improve milk procurement.

A.Milk quantity and quality Prizes

To increase milk production and quality of milk from year 1990 different prizes are given to primary DCS by our Union that are listed below.

  • To DCS giving maximum Buffalo milk to Union.
  • To DCS giving highest quality buffalo milk.
  • To Women DCS giving maximum Buffalo milk to Union.

From each category Tahasil & District wise three numbers are selected for prize. The prizes are given after completion of year.

B.Gokul Shree Award

From 1992 we have started Gokul Shree Award for Buffalo & Cow producing maximum milk during single day .The competition is conducted throughout district, three numbers of Buffalo & Cow are drawn for giving award of Gokul Shree and these awards are given during Annual general meeting of Union.

C.Yuwa Gokul Shri Award

From year 11-12 we have started Yuwa Gokul Shree Awards for calves registered under calf rearing scheme and started milk production. The competition is conducted throughout district, three number of Buffalo are drawn for giving award of Gokul Shree, These awards are given during Annual general meeting of Union.

D.Milk Producers Provident Fund Scheme

For getting financial support to rural milk producer at his retirement age, Gokul has started Provident Fund Scheme for milk producer through primary DCS. In scheme ' A' milk producer and milk union contributes 15 paise per liter and DCS contributes 10 paise per liter.

E.Farmers' Insurance Package Scheme

Our Union and the New India Assurance Co. Ltd., Kolhapur branch, have implemented jointly 'Farmers' Insurance Package Scheme for the Milk Producer of Kolhapur district . The main object of this scheme is to provide maximum benefits to the insured with minimum premium. The risk area covers destruction of bio gas, two milch animals of the milk producer due to fire, earthquake, food and cyclone in addition to accidental risk coverage for the milk producer and his/her spouse. Accidental risk covers death, permanent disability and hospitalization expenses. The amount of yearly premium is fixed at Rs.1600/- This amount of premium is paid to the Insurance Company at once by Our Kolhapur Milk Union, and later on it is recovered by Union in 10 equal installments through concerned dairy co-operative society. Total coverage is 2.65 lakhs. Special insurance policy for buffalo purchased from Hariyana and Gujrath is started from 01.10.2021. The risk coverage is 1 lakh and 80 thousand for permium Rs.2250 and Rs.1900 respectively.