Mass Deworming programme and Vaccination

De-worming programme is carried out twice in a year as per standard protocols to improve animal health and to increase their milch production.Dewoermers are also changes on reguler basis to avoid drug resistance to get better result. De-wormer are provided on subsidized rates. As a preventive major animals are vaccinated againts Foot & Mouth Disease and HS+BQ, Thileria Diseases.

Ration Balancing Programme (RBP):

Gokul has selected to impliment Ration Balancing Programme under the National Dairy Plan Phase-I in its area of operation. Ration balancing envisages finding out every cattles daily need of nutrients on the basis of body built and milk yield. Thus standardizing the daily intake of nutrients will help cattle and ultimetly the milk producer will be economically benifited. This program is operated through INAPH software of N.D.D.B. This program is carried out in 3 modules as per below schedule

Till March 2021, 714 villages and 1,14,255 animals are covered unde Module 1, 2 and 3 through Local Resource Persons (LRPs). This programme has shown great impact with regard to increase in quantity & quality of milk, reduction in cost of milk production as well as improvement in animal health, digestion & infertility problems. Due to this, feeding management at farmers’ level has shown significant improvement. Overall, this programme is proved to be economically beneficial for the milk producers.