Gokul gram vikas yojana is a Community development programme specially designed to educate milk producers, Primary DCS staff, DCS management committee members and Dairy leaders. This programme is designed to educate all above members, at village level with their convenience.

With the help of N.D.D.B. this programme was started as cooperative development programme during 1989. After 1995 with some improvement it was started as Gokul gram vikas yojana. We cover all DCS of our Union under this programme up to 2005. Now after 2005 we are running all our extension education programmes under single name called “ Gokul gram vikas yojana ”

Phase - II Extension programmes under gokul gram vikas yojana:

  • Institution Building (I.B.)
  • Enhancing women involvement in Dairy cooperatives ( EWIC)
  • Clean milk programme ( CMP )

Objective :

  • To train DCS management committee members to prepare DCS business plan.
  • To train all DCS staff for their job
  • To develop Resource persons (Model Milk Producer) for implementing all input activities.
  • To increase participation of women in decision making and in administration of DCS.
  • To prepare thrift groups of women milk producer for developing leadership among them
  • To increase awareness among women regarding Health, Hygiene & literacy.
  • To implement CMP plan at DCS level
  • To improve Bacterial quality of milk i.e. M.B.R.T. Above 3.0 hrs. and decrease spc below 30 lakh/ml.

Working structure :

Sr. No. Title Details
1 Manager/ Asst. Manager ( Procurement) 1+1
2 Gokul gram coordinator 1
3 Sr. M.P.O. / M.P.O. 7
4 Team coordinator 8
5 Gokul gram Supervisor 15
6 Lady Instructor 5

Educational programme and activities under gokul gram vikas yojana:

A)For Institution Building ( I. B.)

Sr. No. Title Details
1 MCM visioning programme To prepare
DCS mission statement.
DCS principles.
DCS business plan
2 Men education programme To educate them for their role in DCS Business plan
3 Women education programme To educate them for their role in DCS Business plan.
4 Resource person training. To develop model milk producer
5 DCS staff training. At training center to carry their role perfectly
6 Slogan writing. Slogan regarding cooperative business and CMP.
7 Cleanliness Competition. To increase awareness regarding CMP. practices.
8 R.P. and MCM Melava To exchange views and progress at different. DCS.


Sr. No. Title Details
1 Women education programme To educate them for profitable milk business and to find out Resource persons.
2 Thrift group preparation information programme To give information about thrift group.
3 Thrift group origination programme To prepare thrift group to fulfill their needs.
4 Account Training. To educate women in thrift group for how to maintain records of thrift group activities.
5 Programme for Health & Hygiene To educate women for for their Health and Hygiene.
6 Leadership development programme To recognise real leaders and educate them for leadership.
7 WEP follow up programmes. For old villages, to know their progress.
8 MCM skill building programme . For women, MCM of different cooperative societies to activate women MCM in that particular institutions.
9 Thrift group regional meeting- To exchange views and ideas.
10 Thrift group meleva- To exchange views and ideas.

C)For Clean Milk Production Programme

Sr. No. Title Details
1 DCS staff training programme To prepare CMP plan for DCS and its implementation.
2 DCS MCM training To prepare CMP plan for DCS and its implementation.
3 Men and Women training programme To educate them for CMP practices.
4 School programme To educate student for CMP practices.
5 Slogan Writing Writing Slogan regarding CMP practices, at DCS premices and through out village.

Progress of Different Education at programme

Gokul gram vikas yojana – Phase –1 ( Cooperative development programme + Gokul gram vikas yojana)

Sr.no. Name of Prog. No. of Prog No. of participants
1 MEP 980 83810
2 WEP 1220 151179
3 MCMT 879 14784
4 DCS Staff Orientation prog. 205 4416
5 R.P. Training Prog. 938 20284
Total 4222 274473

Gokul gram vikas yojana – Phase –II ( I. B. + EWIC +CMP )

Institution Building( During 2005 - 2011 )

No. of DCS participating-720

Sr.no. Name of Prog. No. of Prog No. of participants
1 MCM visining programme 717 7964
2 MEP 692 33747
3 WEP 703 51162
4 Clean liness Competition 661 9914
5 R.P. Training Prog. 697 14143
Total 3470 116930

EWIC ( 2005-2011 )

No. of Village Covered - 440

No. of DCS Covered - 815

Sr.no. Name of Prog. No. of Prog No. of participants
1 WEP 712 42048
2 WEP Follow up Prog. 238 12595
3 Thrift group preparation 539 17656
4 Thrift group organization 221 13667
5 Account training 426 11043
6 Programme for Health & Sanitation 407 22857
7 Personality development prog. 372 7449
8 MCM Skill Building 437 6674
9 Cultural Prog. 226 12218
10 LDP 360 7493
11 Thrift Group Regional Meeting 109 11919
12 Thrift Group Melava 56 11837
13 Mahila Diwas 6 1138
Total 4109 178594

CMP ( 2002-11)

No. of Rout Covered - 238

No. of DCS covered - 3238

Sr.no. Name of Prog. No. of Prog No. of participants
1 DCS staff orientation Prog. 238 6076
2 DCS MCM training Prog. 1510 19473
3 Men & Women training Prog. 1767 115803
4 School Prog. 134 19149
5 Programme in I.B.DCS 1241 35757
Total 4890 196258

Activities covered under CMP Programme

Sr.no. Name of Prog. Details
1 DCS participating in CMP 3238
2 DCS using stainless steel –304 Accessories 1263
3 DCS using AMCU with PC only 966
4 DCS using Electronic Milkotester & Weighing 179
5 DCS using only Electronic Milkotester 3274

Monthly meeting of seniors for discussion on monthly progress.

On spot evaluation by seniors during DCS visite.

Gokul gram yearly workshop.


Various changes have been seen at DCS and village level due to application of this yojana.

Improvement :

In DCS milk quality – Chemical & Microbiological Increase in procurement of DCS Increase in use of input service. Improvement in DCS administration due to participation of MCM in day to day working Improvement in communication between producer, staff and member of DCS. Increase in awareness of producer with DCS and Union. Huge increase in women involvement in milk business Development of leadership qualities in rural women milk producer. Huge women association of 45,310 women member through formation of 3103 thrift groups.

Different trainings given to the staff for effective implementation of yojana.

Sr.no. Name of Prog.
1 Procurement and input training.
2 Co-operative development training .
3 Personality development training. (Psychological training )
4 C. R. I. Training .
5 Effective communication training.
6 Communication strategies.
8 MCM visioning programme training.
9 Along with this participation in different yearly work shop conducted by Union and NDDB.