• Established 100 M.T. Capacity CFP in 1982 under Operation Flood-I .
  • Expanded 200 M.T. Capacity CFP in 1992 under Operation Flood-II.
  • New Cattle Feed Plant capacity 300 TPD is operational from March 2011. Plant expanded to 450 TPD in Nov 2019.
  • Product Brand Name - Mahalaxmi.

Our Existing Products

Sr.No. Product Name Packing
1 Gold Pellet (Bypass) 50 kg HDPE Packing
2 Nutrimin (Mineral Mixture) (1 kg x 15) = 15 kg bag
3 Milk Replacer 10 kg bag
4 Calf Starter 25 kg bag
5 Mahalaxmi Fertimin ( Mineral Mixture) (1 kg x 15) = 15 kg bag

Special Features of CFP

  • Formulation and standardization of feeds as per BIS standard & NDDB's guidance with modern software solution
  • Door delivery service to milk producers with No Loss No Profit basis.
  • Providing extension services to farmers for minimizing cost of the milk production by using Bypass Protein feed for animals.

Having own modern Laboratory with latest technology for proximate analysis with N.I.R. Analyser , Fluoride Meter, Cyclotec Sample Mill etc.

Range of various products as per animal's requirement.



  • As awareness for premium quality and a new bypass protein feed technology developed by NDDB, is indeed need of today. Gokul is again pioneer to adopt new technology for welfare of milk producers, Bypass Protein Feed is specially designed , formulated and developed for animals for better milk and quality. It is made through treating protein source meals with formaldehyde for specific period. For that, we launched / commissioned Bypass Protein Feed Plant at Kagal Hatkanangle Five Star Industrial Area, Kolhapur. Due to bypass protein feed technology, it helps to increase the milk quantity and quality. Additionally, this product is enriched with probiotic, chelated minerals & essential amino acids & we also continuously improving our feed by latest technological feed additives viz. Bypass fat , Herbal products etc.
  • As a policy and demand from our farmers, we started to produce Bypass feed only from 1st January 2012.
  • Due to need based demand from the milk producers from our milk shed we have introduced following different types of cattle feed products under the brand name of "Mahalaxmi".


  • Developed 1st time Milk Replacer in a India at a co-operative level in 2005 to minimize the feeding cost of newly born calf at earlier stage by reducing the quantity of milk offered.
  • Mahalaxmi Milk Replacer is found to be very palatable, digestible and economical.
  • Launched Calf Starter to develop rumen at earlier stage and to get better growth rate. The response for Milk Replacer and Calf Starter is very good. The mortality rate is below 20 % in buffalo calves and 10 % in cow calves. It saves around 50 to 55 % calf rearing cost. Gokul is awarded patent for its in house innovation for Mahalaxmi Milk Replacer.
  • Milk Replacer is available in 10 kg pack (1 kg x 10 ) and Calf Starter is available in 10 kg pack & 25 kg pack .


  • The survey of India shows that all animals are deficient in minerals either in single element or more than one element. So, besides of feeding fodder and cattle feed, Mineral Mixture is necessary to feed to the animals separately. So , Gokul has established a new advanced 12 M.T. per day capacity Mineral Mixture Plant from NDDB at our factory and supply of Mineral Mixture under the brand name of Mahalaxmi Nutrients to the farmers at economical rate. It is available in 15 kg pack (1 kg x 15 ).
  • Payment Condition to Other Union:- 100 % advance payment by Cash or by Demand Draft of any nationalized bank. D.D. should be in favour of "Kolhapur Zilla Sahakari Dudh Utp.Sangh Ltd., Kolhapur".
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  • To cater the increasing demands of cattle feed within the Milk Shed union established a new 300 TPD Cattle Feed Plant at Kagal-Hatkanangle Five Star MIDC, Dist.Kolhapur under the guidance of National Dairy Development Board " On Turnkey Basis" with the facility of Bypass Protein Feed Plant having capacity 50 MT./day. The plant is expanded to 450 TPD capacity in Nov 2019


Due to constant efforts in production of quality cattle feed and providing input facilities to the farmers for maximizing output from dairy business, the CFP unit has been awared NPC Awards by National Productivity Council, New Delhi as follows :

Sr.No. Year Category Rank
1 1992-93 Animal Feed Processing Units Second Best Award
2 1993-94 Animal Feed Processing Units Certificate of Merit
3 1994-95 Animal Feed Processing Units Second Best Award
4 1995-96 Animal Feed Processing Units Certificate of Merit
5 1997-98 Animal Feed Processing Units Certificate of Meri

To expand the activities, we have appointed Distributors for the sale of our cattle feed products for outside region of Kolhapur District. Our all products are well proven and famous among the milk producers of Kolhapur District and outside region also.