• To become leaders in the dairy, while retaining our Indian traditional and family values.
  • Be the first choice for consumers.
  • Give our customers value for money. This will be through improvement in technologies used in our dairies, thus enhancing the quality of our raw material, our internal processes, and the competencies of our people.
  • Productivity enhancement of animals through genetic development programmes, where by, the farmers will also be benefited.
  • Provide our customers with cleanest and healthiest milk, for which focus on nutrition starts from the animals themselves, thus leading to more nutritional milk and milk products.
  • From farming to pharma --- broaden the natural functional applications of milk and milk products, by targeting medicinal organoleptic, and other pharmaceutical and therapeutical functional values.
  • Seamless flow of data from the plant floor to the board room, facilitating inform and immediate decision making.Transformation of this data in to useful domain knowledge, and sharing the domain knowledge obtained back the plant floor for employees development.
  • Preserve and show case our agriculture heritage and protect local economy interests including the development and education of our rural communities. Maintain sensitivity to environment.
  • Be a preferred employer in our field, and provide an environment that challenges our employees to learn, grow and prosper in an atmosphere of respect and recognition. Our employees shall be proud to be a part of the ' Gokul Family '.

Our Mission

  • Achieve sustained growth
  • Understanding customer needs and protecting their interest to build life long relationship and brand loyalty
  • Development of indigenous products, constant research, innovative planning and processes adoptive technologies and optimal resource utilization.
  • Stay at the forefront of technology and management through scientific innovations and creative management approaches.