Calf Rearing


  • To enhance average milk productivity through upgraded female calf rearing programme at farmer’s doorstep.
  • To reduce initial (3 months) milk feeding cost of calf by feeding Milk Replacer & Calf Starter.
  • To reduce the mortality of calves by improving management & by feeding Milk Replacer & Calf Starter.
  • To extend productive life by bringing upgraded heifers at desired maturity.
  • To conduct awareness programmes to milk producers for scientific & cost effective calf rearing.


  • Gokul Milk Union has developed Milk Replacer (protein 25% & Fat7%) to reduce initial three months milk feeding expenses of the calf. Reconstituted milk from the Milk Replacer has almost all the essential nutrients which are present in milk.
  • Gokul Milk Union has also developed the Calf Starter (Protein 23% & Fat 4%) to stimulate the ruminal activity at earlier stage of the young calves.
  • Gokul Milk Union pays incentives to the farmers @ Rs.3500/- & Rs.5000 for cross breed and Indigenous Cow respectively & Rs.10,000 & 15,000/- for upgraded and pure breed Buffalo respectively. If registered heifer gets pregnant in stipulated period. Gokul also gives incentive in 2 nd pregnancy. For cross breed and indigenous cow Rs 1000/- and Rs.2000 respectively, and for upgraded and pure breed buffalo it is Rs.5000/- and Rs.7000/- respectively.
  • Gokul Milk Union provides feeding package at 50% subsidized rate which consists of Milk replacer (10Kg), Calf starter (25Kg) & Dewormer on registration.
  • Veterinarians of Gokul Milk Union carry out tagging, registration and weight measurement of calf at farmer’s door step regularly.
  • The milk productivity & health of registered calves are monitored by veterinarians.

Analysis of survey carried out for registered animals under this programme, is as under:

Particulars Percentage Figures Based on Survey
No of calves registered upto Feb. 2014   250596
Mortality 12 30071
No. of animals sold out 15 37590
Animals available with farmers   182935
Animals in maturity   88639
Conceived within given age* 22 19500
Conceived after given age 12 10637
Poor management / rearing 20 17728
Not yet conceived but going to conceived in near future 46 40775
Avg. Milk production lit/day**   1,89,000
Total no. of animals will come in production (6+7+9)   70000
Expected milk production lit/day   6,30,000
Improved lactation yield ltr.   1500-1800

Patent Bagged For Milk Replacer

A Patent for 'Milk Replacer' for calves has been awarded to Union by Government of India.

Calf rearing Scheme Booklet

Gokul Calf Rearing by Vemuru Krishna