Chairman Speech

Dear brothers and sisters,

I derive immense pleasure while addressing you all on behalf of my colleague directors, DCS, milk producers and employees. Talking to you, as the Chairman of the organization, which has celebrated its golden jubilee, makes me feel proud of myself. This organization has always made timely payment to our producer,suppliers without compromising on the quality of its products. It has created many benchmarks in the history of the co operatives and while achieving all this, it has secured many accomplishments. For the token of the same we received a lot of accolades and awards including 14 ‘National Productivity Awards’.

In March 1963, The Gokul Dairy started its operations with just 200 liters per day milk procurement.  Now we have crossed twelve lakh liters of porcurement  and our target  is to collect twenty lakh liters by year 2025. Gokul’s annual turnover has reached Rs.2929 crores mark. Gokul has brought a new light in the life of families of the five lakh odd milk producer,suppliers and the group of one thousand eight hundred employees, transport contractors, distributors and retailers.

Gokul has achieved this quantitative growth without compromising on the quality of its products. This very passion for the highest quality standards has helped Gokul secure this kind of quantitative growth and to establish itself as a brand in a highly competitive market. Millions of our consumers trust our quality since 60 years. We take utmost care to provide our consumers highest quality of milk and milk products. Our entire processes and production lines run in a very hygienic, healthy environment and are completely free from any human touch. This urge for the highest quality is visible at every step in our process and production line and it begins right from the doorsteps of our producer. Our milk producers, employees, transporters, distributors and retailers together strive for the best of the quality and work relentlessly to cultivate a “Quality Culture” of the best kind.

Our ‘Gokul Village Development’ and ‘Gokul At Your Doorsteps’ schemes have become landmarks and have played important role in maintaining the quality of the milk being supplied. Routine checkups of each animal, imbibing habits of cleanliness among the producer-suppliers, implementing international standards in processing the milk etc. are the main attributes of Gokul’s quality control process.

As a leading organization in the cooperative milk sector, Gokul fulfills all its social obligations too. Gokul directly plays an important role in uplifting the women living standard, as the milk business mainly provides employment to the rural women. Gokul has always fulfilled its responsibility towards the orphan, the handicapped, the bed ridden and the geriatric people. During every national or natural calamity, Gokul has played an important role by lending a helping hand. Gokul is one of the rare organizations who mentor the sport of Wrestling. Gokul sees its support to Wrestling as its tribute to the great social leader Chhatrapati Sri Shahu Maharaj, who himself championed the cause of the great sport in his princely state of Kolhapur.

The ‘Calf raring scheme’ initiated by Gokul has won accolades and admiration at the national level.  Gokul has always tried its best to provide the top quality of milk to the consumers. Gokul has also aspired to achieve the overall development of the milk producers through the milk business. I am proud to put before you that we, as an organization, have succeeded largely in achieving these targets. This is a ‘Rajsuya yagya’ for Gokul. I am full of pride to be the Chairman of this  organization. I look forward to deliver the best to you through this organization with the help of my colleague directors, milk producers and employees.

Let the cooperative movement live long !                                                                                                                                                          


Vishwasrao N Patil